We recorded 398,520 visitors last month. The average time spent on the site was 2:29 seconds. Page views per visit were 1.98. We have a very respectable bounce rate of 49%.

Our readership consists of mostly of retirement age males. 27% of our readers are 55-64, 24% of our readers are 45-54, 19% of our readers are 35-44, 14% of our readers are 65+, 12% of our readers are 25-34, and 4% of our readers are 18-24.

Readers of Gov't Slaves are passionate about all things financial. Gold, silver, investments services and prepping do very well on the site. Travel and hotel information is also very popular. Gardening, education, employment, travel, real estate and vehicles round out the taste of our readership.

Gov't Slaves readership is primarily based in the United States. We're also gaining international readers in Canada and the United Kingdom and expanding viewership in two South American countries, Brazil and Colombia.

Our readership is predominantly male, with a 73% stake, and the remaining 26% is made up of women.